Wrought Iron Gates Measuring Guide


Selecting the right size metal or wrought iron gate to suit your requirements is easy if you follow this simple process outlined below.


Measure the Gap

Existing Fixing Points Available - If you intend on fitting the gates in between an existing opening such as brick pillars or similar, all that is required is to measure the width of the gap and this becomes your ordering size.

gap size


No Existing Fixing Points Available – Where you intend on fitting a new single or double gate to a location around your property that does not have anywhere to hang them off, then you will need to allow for the width of the posts.



  • A single gate to fit a gap of 3ft that uses 2 x 2” posts would require a total space of 3ft 4”
  • Double drive gates to fit a gap of 16ft that uses 2 x 6” posts would need a total space of 17ft


gap size with posts


Check the Height

Although most installations do not need a specific height or shape of gate to make them fit, there are times when it will be critical to get this measurement exactly to your requirements.

For example, if you want to fit it under an existing brick arch in a garden wall. As such, if you cannot see the exact height you need on our website or need assistance measuring up, please feel free to contact us for assistance.