Wood Gates

Manufactured in the UK our range of wooden gates are second to none in terms of design and price

Manufactured in the UK to a superior level of finish, our magnificent array of wooden gates are sure to catch your eye and enhance your home. Constructed by skilled craftsmen, our visually appealing designs are built using time proven traditional joinery techniques including mortise and tenon joints to ensure high levels or strength, rigidity and durability whilst still offering great value for money.


A Wooden Gate Style for All Locations


Need Assistance to Find the Right Size, Style or Design?

Simply give us a call on 0844 804 5577 to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly sales advisors or send us and email to sales@wroughtirongatesdirect.co.uk. Alternativel, you may also find information using the below measuring guide.



A Range of Wood Garden Gates     A Range of Tall Wood Side Gates


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