Balmoral Wrought Iron Style Metal Side Gate

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The Balmoral Wrought Iron Style Metal Side Gate has a high strength framework and an imposing appearance making an excellent choice for any property owner looking to provide a high level of security to the vulnerable access points around the home and garden. Manufactured in the UK, the Balmoral design is constructed in a traditional wrought iron style and benefits from 40mm x 10mm flat bar solid steel frames, 16mm round infill bars, ornate circular scrolls, dog bars in the bottom portion of the gate and a double row of spear top finials. Supplied primed black (undercoat) as standard, this high-quality side gate design also includes surface mounted adjustable hinges and a latch making it perfect for easy DIY installation.


Balmoral Metal Side Gate Specification

  • Heavy duty wrought iron style construction.
  • Shallow arched top for increased aesthetic appeal.
  • 40mm x 10mm steel frames.
  • 16mm diameter metal infill bars.
  • 2 rows of spear top finials together with a row of circular metal work detailing.
  • Supplied with adjustable hinges and a latch that can be secured using a padlock.
  • Designed to be LEFT hand hanging only (as viewed from the road side).
  • Primed Black (undercoat).


Physical Height

  • 1905mm (75”)



Ordering Sizes


Width: To determine the ordering size, measure the width of the opening between walls or posts. You do not need to make any further calculations because our "fits opening" measurement in the drop-down menu already includes the space necessary for the hinges and latch.

Height: The "physical height" is the measurement between the bottom of the gate and the top of the finials. We recommend giving 50mm (2") of ground clearance when installing.



If the gap size between walls or existing posts is 914mm (3ft) you should order a gate to “fit opening 914mm (3ft).


Do you need to install posts? If metal posts are required (due to the lack of supporting walls or pillars) you will need to ensure additional space is available for these items.


Are you unsure about what size to order? For additional information, see our measuring guide, or discover more about our made-to-measure service if you can't find the size you need. Alternatively, please contact us for support if you have a general question about the gate.






Should you require posts for the Balmoral gate please select from the following options.

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