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Gate Designs Overview

An Explanation of the Types of Wrought Iron Gates for the Garden & Driveway

With a wealth of experience within the industry, we understand that purchasing a new wrought iron gate is not something the average homeowner regularly does. For this reason, the process of buying a new gate can seem daunting and confusing, given the vast number of options available. With this in mind, we have provided you with a general overview of the most common gate designs fitted to UK residential properties.

Wrought Iron Garden Gates

In general terms, these designs are usually single leaf gates. They will add security and aesthetic appeal to pedestrian entrances around the garden where a low level of protection is required. Often fitted to the pathway leading to the front door, they provide a visual security deterrent but are also a great way to keep pets and children within the garden. Typically around 3-4ft in height, they are available in numerous designs and tend to be fitted to openings up to a maximum of 4ft in width.

Abbey arched garden gate Corfe box section wrought iron garden gate Manor ball top wrought iron metal garden gate Stirling garden gate design

How do they Work?

A single leaf garden gate swings open and closed using hinges attached to brickwork or masonry. In the absence of a suitable support structure, the use of wooden or metal posts will be sufficient to secure the hinges. A latch is fitted to the opposite side, which slots into a receiver plate mounted to the wall or post to ensure the gate remains closed.

Why Install a Garden Gate?

Wrought iron garden gates will provide the property owner with many benefits at an affordable price; however, the main benefits are:

  • Improved security
  • Additional privacy
  • Safety
  • Improved visual appeal
  • Create a clearly defined boundary
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Strong and durable

What is the Drawback of this Design?

The most significant disadvantage of a garden gate is its height. As previously stated, at roughly 3ft high, they are easily climbed over and hence serve as a visual deterrent to trespassers rather than a high-security solution.

Another disadvantage is that if the entrance is more expansive than 4ft, the broad swinging arc necessary to open and close the gate may snag on nearby objects such as steps, a car, or rainwater pipes. In these cases, a compact pair of double gates is often preferable.

Wrought Iron Side Gate Designs

A side gate, manufactured to a height of roughly 6ft, is an excellent solution for areas of the home and garden that demand a higher security level. Constructed from solid and hardwearing components, they are ideally suited to side entrances, rear access points to the garden, passages, and alleyways.

Marlborough square top iron side gate design Gothic style wrought iron side gate Spear top iron side gate design

How do they Work?

Depending on the area the gate is to be fitted, you can install a side gate in numerous ways. Where existing walls are present, the hinges can be mounted directly to the brickwork or where no structure is in place can be mounted to metal posts. The manufacturer will have provided a standard tip latch or a sliding latch on the opposite side. Both options will close against a receiver plate and secure using a padlock. For added security, some heavy-duty side gate designs include a mortise lock that secures using a key (in the same way you would lock your front door).

Why Choose a Side Gate?

The main benefits of installing a gate of this design are as follows:

  • Deters criminals
  • Prevents unauthorised access
  • Convenient to use
  • Provides added aesthetic appeal
  • Available in a wide range of designs
  • Cost-effective security

What is the Drawback of this Design?

A timber gate typically features a solid panel; however, a wrought iron side gate has gaps between the infill bars. Whilst this allows light and wind to pass through, it does compromise the level of privacy achieved. Some gates may feature a solid privacy sheet; however, in our opinion, these do not look good as they compromise the aesthetic appeal of the space. A great modern alternative to this would be an aluminium gate.

Want to Find out More?

Look at the fantastic range of wrought iron side gates for sale within our online shop to see what we can offer. For further guidance, feel free to contact us with your requirements, and we will be happy to help.

Wrought Iron Driveway Gates

Primarily installed across the main vehicle entrance of the property, you should use driveway gates for large openings where additional security will prove beneficial to the property owner. Available in a wide range of sizes and designs, the most common double gate type is the 50/50 split configuration (where both gates are equal in length). However, other options are available such as 2/3rd to 1/3rd split layouts and space-saving bi-folding gates.

Ornate double driveway gates Decorative wrought iron style metal driveway gates Corfe double driveway gates

How Do They Work?

Regardless of the design, all double driveway gates work similarly. Each gate has hinges that will mount to brick pillars or metal posts. When closed, the gates meet in the middle to form a continuous security barrier and are held in place using a latch and drop bolt. For ease of operation, the most common means of opening and closing the gates is by hand; however, some property owners prefer the use of automation kits. In either instance, the gates should always swing open onto the property (not out onto the road).

Why Install Driveway Gates?

As the largest opening onto your property, the driveway provides an easy means of access for criminals and trespassers. If you are serious about home security, a pair of double driveway gates are essential. They will restrict access and are also affordable and easy to operate. The wide range of designs will undoubtedly enhance the visual appeal of your home.

What is the Drawback of this Design?

Installation issues tend to be the only downside to fitting double gates. On occasion, the existing support structure may not be suitable for hanging the gates off due to several factors, including crumbling brickwork or pillars that are no longer vertical. In these situations, you must set metal posts into the ground in concrete. However, this does involve digging holes on the driveway, which may not be possible if the surface is finished with tarmac, block paving, or a resin-bonded finish.

Want to View Our Driveway Gates?

Our wide range of wrought iron style driveway gates will suit the tastes and budgets of most property owners, so feel free to see what options we have in the online shop. If you can`t find the size you need, please refer to our made to measure service or contact us with your size requirements, and we will send you a quote.

Wrought Iron Estate Gates

For optimum security at the driveway entrance and to create an imposing appearance, a pair of high-quality estate gates are an excellent option. They span large openings making them a superb choice for double-width entrances or where you have a high-value property that needs to be well secured. Whilst they are more expensive than other gate types, the peace of mind they will offer is second to none.

Royale Talisman arched wrought iron gates Royale Gothic wrought iron estate gates

How Do They Work?

Essentially a large set of double gates, this design usually comprises two equal gate panels. The hinges mount directly to the surface of any suitable masonry structure, allowing them to swing open and closed, free from obstruction, safely and securely. If no walls, pillars, or other masonry structure is present, then you will require the addition of metal posts. 

The gates meet in the centre and connect via a latch mechanism and drop bolt in the closed position. Due to the higher level of security often required from this design, it is also possible to incorporate a strong mortise lock.

What Install Estate Gates?

In simple terms, the main reason for installing a product of this nature is the superior level of security and aesthetic appeal they provide. Furthermore, as you can easily automate them, access and egress from the property is very convenient to the property owner without the need to leave the safety and comfort of your vehicle.

What is the Drawback to this Design?

Due to the higher specification of steel used in construction and the need for more materials to be used in manufacture, they have a higher cost when compared to smaller gate designs. Due to this, they weigh more than other options; therefore, it may require some structural alteration to existing structures when posts have not been used.

Want to Find out More?

Please take a look at our great range of wrought iron style estate gates in our online shop to see what we can offer, or email your opening size and design requirements to We will be on hand to provide support.

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