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Technical Advice

Technical Guide

Advice for Property Owners When Installing a Wrought Iron Gate

We understand that purchasing a new gate, fence panel, or railing can seem confusing. However, if you take the time to consider the below points, you should, in theory, not encounter any significant issues.

Installation Considerations

We have lots of experience supplying wrought iron style products to residential customers throughout the UK and understand that no two customers have the exact requirement. We, therefore, recommend that you consider the following points before committing to any purchase.

  • How is the opening formed?

  • Is existing masonry of adequate strength to provide the proper level of support?

  • Is the opening plumb/ vertical, or does it lean inwards or outwards?

  • What is the size of the opening?

  • What height will work best?

  • Are any potential obstacles present that may hinder the free opening and closing of the gates (such as rain-water pipes, sloping driveways or steps)?

  • Are the gates ornamental, or do they need to provide a high level of security?

  • Will the design match the architectural style of your property?

  • Do they need to perform a particular function (such as keeping pets in the garden)?

In addition to the points detailed above, you will need to make lots of other considerations. However, this will always be dependent on individual circumstances. For more guidance, we have provided lots of useful information pages on this website; therefore, please feel free to read the following pages:

Advice for Builders and Architects

Although the majority of our customers are residential property owners, we are also able to offer more detailed advice to builders, architects or other trades such as:

  • Plan Drawings

  • Manufacturing Specification Sheets

  • Opening tolerances

  • Appropriate Construction Techniques

  • Manufacturing constraint

  • Manufacturing timescales

  • Suitable installation positions (for best use of the space)

If you would like to take advantage of these services, please email your requirements to or fill in the enquiry form.

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