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Ordering Guide & Information

Ordering Guide

If you want to buy wrought iron style gates, fence panels, or railings in our online shop, pay attention to the details below, as mistakes can become costly.


A drop-down menu on each product page will provide the available widths for each gate design. Please ensure that you understand how the sizes are displayed before selecting the appropriate size.

Fits Opening: This is the width of the opening into which the gates will fit. We have included the space necessary for the hinges and latch within this size, so no additional adjustment is required on your part.

For example, if the gap between 2 walls is 914mm, you would find the option that shows "fits opening 914mm".

If you are unsure what size to select, you can find more information in the measuring guide. Alternatively, feel free to contact us for more help and advice.

Physical Height: When you read the phrase "physical height" in the product description of your chosen design, it refers to the actual height of the gate, fence, or railing (measured from the underside of the frame to the highest point). There has been no allowance for ground clearance.

Height (once installed): If this attribute is displayed on a product page, it means that ground clearance of 50mm (2") is already included.


All wrought iron style products include the following fittings as standard.

  • Single Gates – Surface mounted hinges, latch, and receiver plate.
  • Double Gates – The fittings supplied with our driveway gates include surface-mounted hinges, latch and drop-bolt.
  • Railings & Fencing – If ordering these items, we will supply you with a fitting pack containing mounting brackets and bolts to connect each panel to the brackets.

Please note that we do not include the screws and bolts required to attach the fittings to any wall or post.

Latch Design – Depending on the product, the latch design may differ between a "tip latch" and a "sliding latch." You can use a padlock to secure either arrangement.

Key Lock – Due to the type of lock used, we can only add this security option to our heavy-duty gates, such as the Corfe, Talisman, Ascot, and Premier designs. Please get in touch via email or the enquiry form for more information.


The specification of the steel used to make the gate, fence panel, or railings is highlighted in the product description. The dimensions of the components utilised may vary depending on the design. However, the more expensive the item, the thicker the steel components will be and the heavier the item will be in terms of weight.


We have an "options and accessories" section on each product page that will describe the metal post options available. When deciding on the size of the gate, ensure sure there is enough room for the posts. You may find more information in the measuring guide or by contacting us.

Paint Finish

We offer standard gates, fencing, and railings in our web store with either a black primer (undercoat) or a zinc-plated and black powder-coated paint finish. Each design's finish will be highlighted in the product description.

Please keep in mind that products with a black primer (undercoat) must be finished with a suitable exterior grade metal paint before installation to prevent the onset of rust and corrosion.

Made to Measure Sizes

If you haven't been able to find a suitable standard size that fits the opening you have, we can also supply most of our products in a bespoke size. If you want to take advantage of this made to measure option, please get in touch (with the opening size). We would be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quotation.

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