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Pedestrian Gates

Pedestrian Gates for sale

A Great Investment for Front Paths, Side Entrances and Other Vulnerable Parts of Your Property

Here at Wrought Iron Gates Direct, we have a stunning collection of premium quality Pedestrian Gates for sale, which are appropriate for any residential application when there is a desire to facilitate restricted access. You can choose from over 50 designs and select dozens of size configurations. We have prices commencing from around 60.00 inc VAT, meaning we can cater for your demands regardless of how small your budget may be.

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A Pedestrian Gate will Enhance Security and Improve Aesthetic Appeal at a Low Cost

Our range of pedestrian gates is manufactured in a traditional wrought iron style using high-quality steel components to ensure strength and reliability. Available to order in many sizes, they are an excellent choice for any vulnerable access point around your property, including key areas such as side passageways, front paths and rear entrances into the garden. 

Made to measure sizes available

Whether you need a small and simple 3ft high gate to keep trespassers off the front lawn or need a high-security side gate to protect against even the most determined criminals, why not look at the gates for sale within our online shop to see what we can offer?

We have provided you with lots of information pages online to make ordering straightforward. Click the links below for information and advice, or contact us for further assistance if you can't find the details you need.

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