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Made to Measure Service

Made to Measure Wrought Iron Gates, Garden Fencing, and Railings For Sale in Bespoke Sizes

Are you trying to buy made-to-measure gates, fence panels, or railings from a reputable UK provider known for quality and value? If that's the case, Wrought Iron Gates Direct provides a highly regarded made to measure service for many of our designs. If you have a non-standard entrance that needs to be secured, we can provide the appropriate size and design permutation to suit your needs at some of the most affordable costs online.

Bespoke made to measure gates and railings Manufacturing made to measure gates

If you've searched through our web store and can't find the precise size you require, please feel free to contact us for a price on a made-to-measure gate, railing or fence panel. Please include the following details when you do so.

Select the Design Required

Please select your favourite design before contacting us because we have numerous possibilities in both modern and classic designs.

Among the goods offered in non-standard sizes are:

All options are available except the Classic and Regent Bow Top designs.

All designs shown are available in a made to measure size.

All products are available except the Court design.

 All options are available except the Court, Classic and Regent.

All options are available except the Classic and Regent.

All railing designs are available except the Court, Classic and Regent.


Specify the Measurements

  • Single & Double Gates: Measure the gap size between two existing walls or posts as this will be the measurement we will need.

  • Fencing and Railings: Measure the distance between each brick pillar if you fit between them. Please supply us with the entire space you need to span if a longer run is necessary.



Let us Know About Posts 

Should you need to install metal posts for support, please let us know if they will be wall-mounted or sunk into the ground.


Pick a Paint Finish

Please clarify the finish you want the product to have from the options below. 

  • Primed Black (undercoat)

  • Zinc Plated & Powder Coated (electro galvanised)

(Please note that if you do not specify a finish, we will quote for the black primed option.)


Contact us with your requirements
bespoke manor railings made to measure wrought iron railings


Important Consideration for Made to Measure Sizes

As a web retailer, we aim to provide accurate interpretations of your needs; nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that our calculations are 100 per cent correct and should not be relied on alone. Following receipt of your quotation, you should always double-check the specifications, dimensions, and calculations we have supplied and notify us of any inconsistencies before making your payment. We shall not be made responsible for any mistakes made due to the information we receive. Consequently, if your made-to-order products are found to be inappropriate once they have been delivered, you cannot return them for a refund.

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of this service, please email stating your requirements, and we will be happy to assist and advise you.

Please keep in mind that when purchasing various sized made-to-measure items, the spacing between the infill bars and the size of the scrollwork will not always remain equal. Unfortunately this is unavoidable; however, the optimal arrangements for each item will always be utilised during manufacture.


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Made to Measure Hampton Estate Gates

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Royale Talisman Estate Gates with Heavy Duty Mortise Lock

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Royal Talisman Arched Double Gates with an Uneven 1/3rd to 2/3rd Split

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Bespoke Marlborough Estate Gates

Small Double Wrought Iron Style Gates Leading into Garden

Non Standard Height Marlborough Bi Folding Driveway Gates

Hampton Side Gate with Intergrated Mortise Lock for Added Security

Extra Wide Saxon Side Gate

Royale Railings and Non Standard Posts

Marlborough Wall Top Metal Garden Railings

Weston Ball Top Garden Gate, Post and Manor Railings

Made to Measure Verona Garden Gate and Manor Railings


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