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How To Measure The Opening

Measuring Guides

This section of our website is designed to provide you with the required information that is needed so you can be confident you measure the opening correctly. Whilst the majority of installations will be easy there may be instances where our handy guides may prove valuable and for that reason we recommend you read and fully understand them in order to prevent any costly mistakes in ordering.

Wrought Iron Gates Measuring Guide

Find out how to go about measuring the opening you have when seeking to install wrought iron gates suitable for the garden and driveway.

Wooden Gates Measuring Guide

Measuring the opening when looking to install wooden gates is of paramount importance. Read on to find out why.

Wrought Iron Railings Measuring Guide

Simple and fast to carry out, measuring the gap sizes for a wrought iron railing is easy however with some wall featuring decorative detaioing, it may not always be that striaghtforward. For that reason we suggest you find out more by reading on.

Metal Fencing Measuring Guide

Choosing the right amount of fencing can be confusing for the novice DIY enthusiast. For that reason we have provided this simple to undersand guide on how to measure and work out  your requirements in a confident manner.

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