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Wooden Gates Measuring Guide

how to measure the opening for wooden gates

Choosing the perfect wooden gate is easy and straightforward as long as you follow a few basic principles.

Measure the Gap

Existing Wooden Posts Available - If you are installing wooden gates in between existing  posts simply measure the gap size and deduct off ½” from it to find your ordering size (for a single gate) or 1 ½” off for a pair of wooden driveway gates. These deductions are to make allowances for the hinges and opening tolerances.

No Wooden Posts Installed - To find the ordering size when there are no posts present it is simply a case of establishing the overall space you have available, deduct the width of the posts from it then deduct a further ½” (for a single) or 1/1/2” (for a double) to find the ordering size


  • 4ft (total space) – 6” (width of 2 x 3” posts) minus ½” (opening tolerances) = 3ft 5 ½”  (ordering size)
  • 12 ft (total space) – 8” (width of 2 x 4” posts) minus 1 ½” (opening tolerances) = 11ft 2 ½” (ordering size)



Depending upon the level of privacy and security you are seeking to achieve, there will be a number of height options available to choose from. Whilst these are generally not critical, if you have any overhanging brickwork or similar or the gate is to pass through a wall with a set height, make sure you pay careful attention to this detail to avoid costly ordering mistakes from occurring.

Finally, please be sure to remember that the heights of the timber gates do not make any allowance for ground clearance.


Assistance and Advice

If you feel unsure as to the correct way of completing the above, please feel to contact us for assistance.

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