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Which Fencing Style Should You Pick?

Installing new fencing is not a cheap project. Consequently, it would be best to examine which one is appropriate for your property thoroughly. When you get it right, you can completely change the appearance of the property's façade, and yet if you do it poorly, the house will resemble a fortress. Hence, this poses the dilemma, "Which one would be best for my property?"

There are numerous factors to consider before making your decision. We have realized throughout the years that no two customers' circumstances are alike. Cost, resilience, security and privacy, aesthetic, length, and height, to mention a few, all come into the equation, creating a labyrinth of options for the typical buyer. Fortunately, we have discovered that by splitting the project into three main groups, the job can be considerably streamlined, reducing the anxiety and hassle of the process.


What is the Fence's Function?

Although this may appear to be a strange question, it is necessary to recognize what benefits you expect the fence to achieve. Do you need it to provide security, enhance privacy from neighbours and keep the dog safe, or maybe you want it to turn heads?


Fencing fitted to the rear of a garden


What Kind of Fencing is Popular on Neighbouring Properties?

Examine nearby homes and those on the same road to determine what makes the most sense in your location. If the prevalent fencing type is a specific style, it is probably good to use this for your home to keep the street looking cohesive. However, suppose you want to shake things up. In that case, we recommend designing on the opposite end of the scale, perhaps with a modern fence panel.


Wrought iron fencing installed to a new build property Wrought iron fencing creating an enclosure for dogs


Establish Your Home's Overall Architectural Style

Assess the property's overall design to evaluate its character. Is it contemporary, historical, or a rural cottage? Or is it on a new build development, pre-war construction of an elegant Victorian property? When that is determined, it is simple to eliminate designs that will not work because there is no sense in erecting a modern fence around the perimeter of a period property as it would not look appropriate.

Helpful advice! Select an architectural element featured on your property (perhaps an archway, a roofing detail, or other design elements) and search for a fence that incorporates this feature into its design.


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Ask an Expert Now for Tips and Guidance on Choosing Fencing for Your Home

Before actually making a purchase, we are available to provide expert advice and information. If you have a specific question, don't know what size is needed, or would like to find the best possible solution for your requirements we recommend looking at our help and guidance pages shown in the menu at the top of the page. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us. We will be available to discuss your fencing options and answer any questions you may have in a friendly and professional manner.

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