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Bi-Fold Gates

Bi-Fold Gates for sale

Does your driveway require a pair of gates to protect your property but lacks the available area for a standard double gate design? If this is the case, we are delighted to provide a fantastic alternative option in the shape of Bi-Folding Gates.

Our bi-folding designs, handcrafted in the UK in a classic wrought iron style, utilise a double foldable system to reduce the swinging radius of each gate leaf, making them are an excellent option for any homeowner who wants to improve privacy and security but does not have adequate space to open and close a set of 50/50 double split gates.

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Bi-Folding Gates - Driveway Security Products that Save Space

In addition to reducing the space required on the driveway, they are also a great option where the driveway grades up towards the property, making them particularly suitable for residences on a steep slope or incline.

To learn more about our bi-folding gates, send us an email with your specifications or complete our enquiry form, and we will be able to offer advice, make suggestions, and give you an affordable quotation.

At present, we currently have one basic model available to buy in our online store, which is proven to be very effective. The Marlborough Bi-Folding Driveway Gates, which are available to order in a variety of standard and made to measure sizes up to 12ft (3660mm), will integrate with any home environment owing to its classic style and space-saving features.

Whilst we do think this model offers great value for money if you want to choose a different gate type, please message us with your design preferences, and we would be delighted to provide you with a quotation for an alternate option.


Bepoke Bi Folding Gate Examples

Royale Premier Bi Folding Wrought Iron Style Estate Gates

Premier Bi Folding Driveway Gates


Hampton Wrought Iron Style Bi Folding Driveway Gates with a Sloping Bottom Rail

Hampton bi folding gates with sloping bottom rail


Marlborough Uneven Split Bi Folding Gates

Marlborough split bi folding gate design


Manor Flat Top Bi Folding Driveway Gates

Manor flat top bi folding driveway gates design


Royale Talisman Bi Folding Wrought Iron Style Driveway Gates

Talisman bespoke bi folding gates Talisman bespoke bi folding gates part open
Royale Talisman bespoke bi folding gates Talisman bespoke bi folding gates mounted to metal posts



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