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Wrought Iron Gates Direct - How To Fit Driveway Gates To Brickwork

How to Fit Driveway Gates to Brickwork

Typical Installation Process When Fixing Hinges to Brickwork

Installing wrought iron driveway gates is easy, and DIY enthusiasts can complete it with little experience. The installation process should be straightforward and trouble-free if you have purchased the correct size to suit your opening.

Tools Required

Power Drill Hammer
Pencil Spirit Level
Masonry Drill Bits Screwdriver
Selection of Spanners Tape Measure

Please note the the below information is a general reference point only and may not be the relevant for all installations. When installing, always refer to the instructions provided with the gates.


Step 1: Fit Hinges and Position Gate

  • Attach hinges to the first gate leaf and place it within the opening.
  • Elevate the bottom bar by placing a 50mm timber underneath.
  • Secure the top hinge plate against the brickwork to designate its location.
  • Mark the fixing holes and repeat the process for the bottom hinge plate.
  • Use a spirit level to check gate alignment and mark fixing points for the lower hinge.
  • Remove the gate from opening and set aside.


Step 2: Drill Holes and Insert Wall Plugs

  • Use an appropriately-sized hammer drill to pre-mark and drill holes in the wall.
  • Insert wall plugs or anchors flush with the brickwork's surface.


Step 3: Secure Gate

  • Place the gate back in the opening.
  • Secure all fixings and adjust hinges to ensure a level gate.

Step 4: Install Second Gate Leaf

  • Repeat the entire process for the second gate leaf.
  • Ensure it is level with the first leaf for symmetry.


Step 5: Add Latch

  • Install the latch by inserting the nut and bolt provided.


Step 6: Install Drop Bolts

  • Close both gate leaves and mark the drop bolt location.
  • Repeat the marking process in the fully open position.
  • Use a hammer drill to create holes for the drop bolts.


The installation is finished, and now all that remains is to apply a few coats of high-quality exterior paint. This will protect the metal from rust and give it an attractive appearance.

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