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Manor Wrought Iron Railings in Chester

The owners of this property, located near Chester, had just constructed a boundary wall with small brick pillars evenly placed along the length of the brickwork. They wanted to add wrought iron railings between these sections and approached us for advice and a quotation.

Wrought Iron Gates Direct Solutions

Following careful evaluation of the project needs, we were pleased to present the client with a selection of design proposals including the Stirling, Manor and Saxon railings. Even though these solutions are quite modest in appearance, they would all mix in nicely with the property's architectural style and are all available with the option of a made to measure size which in this instance was of critical importance.

As a further recommendation, we also suggested the railings be applied with our low maintenance zinc plated and black powder coated paint finish as this would not only remove the need to paint the railings prior to installation but would also provide a higher level of resistance against rust and corrosion.

In terms of the actual installation, it was not necessary in this instance to use metal posts as the top fitting bracket could be installed direct to the brick work. Although a little out of the ordinary (due to the short height of the brick pillars) it was not felt that the normal 50mm gap could be left between the top of the wall and the underside of the railing therefore the customer was happy to bolt the bottom of the railing to the top of the wall.

What the Customer Chose

Following our advice and considerable deliberation, the buyer decided on the following products:

  • 3 x Made to Measure Manor Wrought Iron Stel Metal Railings

  • Upgraded Zinc plated and black powder coated paint finish to fencing and posts


Manor ball top wrought iron railings fitted to wall of Chester property


Customer Review

We have to say that after consulting with you and taking your guidance, we are thrilled with the end final result. The installer stated that they fit seamlessly and were uncomplicated to attach to the brickwork. Thank you to everyone who worked on this project."


Our Thoughts About this Project

For us, this was an easy project. Although the Manor railing style the customer selected has a modest appearance, we believe it compliments any house. It is also sturdy and robust since it is made of 25mm x 10mm flat bar solid steel rails and 12mm infill bars, making it a great option for the front of a home.

You can learn more about the many choices available in the Manor collection by visiting our online store, if you'd really prefer expert advice and assistance on the best railing solution to meet your criteria, please get in contact as soon as possible and we'll be happy to help.

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In Need of a Quote?
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