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Saxon Wrought Iron Fencing in Birmingham

Located in Birmingham, the owners of these terrace properties were looking for a simple and cost-effective solution to create a clearly defined boundary between 2 parking spots at the front of their properties.

Customer Requirement

The building owners contacted us for an initial cost for wrought iron fence panels with a total length of roughly 5m to span. Because they are period properties constructed around 1920, they wanted a traditional design that complemented the architecture of the houses. The only other key criteria were that the surface of the metal be easy to maintain.

Wrought Iron Gates Direct Solutions

After consideration of what the customer required, we were glad to offer them with a couple of design concepts in the style of the Manor and Saxon fencing. While both options are relatively simple in appearance in that they have plain infill bars and no decorative scrollwork, they do differ in that the Manor design has ball top finials running above the top horizontal rail whereas the Saxon design is fitted with fleur de lys finials.

In addition to this, as the distance they needed to span would mean the need for 2 x panels to be joined together we also highlighted the requirement for posts to provide support. As the driveway was block paved, we did not feel that the bolt down type metal posts would provide adequate support therefore our recommendation was to install “in ground posts” that would need to be set into concrete.

Finally, as the customer was seeking a low maintenance finish, we strongly advised opting for the zinc plated (electro galvanised) and black powder coated paint finish. Whilst this is more expensive than the primed option, it does provide additional protection against rust and corrosion and would also remove the need to paint the fencing and posts prior to installation.

What the Customer Chose

Upon hearing our recommendations and giving it some thought, the customer settled on the following products:

  • 2 x Made to Measure Saxon Wrought Iron Style Fence Panels
  • 3 x In Ground Metal Posts (50mm x 50mm)
  • Upgraded Zinc plated and black powder coated paint finish to fencing and posts


Saxon wrought iron fencing in Birmingham installed to separate parking spaces


Customer Review

Thank you for your assistance with this purchase. The fence panels are now in place looking fantastic. Here's an installation image for your gallery.

Our Thought About this Project

This was a very straightforward project as far as fencing installations go. Although the Saxon design does have a basic appearance, we feel that it blends with virtually any property type and because it is constructed using 25mm x 10mm flat bar solid steel rails and 12mm infill bars it is also relatively affordable when compared to other designs.

If you'd like to learn more about the different options within the Saxon collection, please feel free to visit our online store, or if you'd need impartial advice and assistance on the best fencing solution to meet your demands, please get in touch as soon as possible and we'll be eager to assist.

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