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It would be hard to imagine homes without fences here in the UK. Whether you get on great with your neighbour, give them a quick hello as you venture out, smile and nod or try to avoid them at all costs, it’s important to have some kind of well-defined boundary. Quality fencing is often the answer, but there are plenty of different types to consider, depending on how much you want to spend, the character you’re looking to bring to your home and how well it matches up to the rest of your house and garden. With that in mind, let’s explore the many different types of fences, with a focus on the most popular options.



Most homeowners would agree that wood fencing is an affordable, attractive and suitable solution for creating a boundary, delivering that all important privacy. Whether you opt for a timber fence that’s made of Western Red Cedar, Siberian Larch, Iroko, Alaskan Yellow Cedar or Ayous, you’re going to be guaranteed a good amount of strength to stand up to strong wind and rain. That said, the thickness of the wood, the quality of the cut, the fixings and the finishes will all affect performance, so try not to cut corners if you’re looking for a fence that will stand the test of time.


Wrought Iron

As we know all too well, wrought iron fencing is by far the strongest, most attractive and timeless solution. If you want to keep trespassers out of your property whilst delivering a first-class appearance that’s fit for many modern and traditional homes, you really can’t go wrong with wrought iron. On our website, you’ll only discover zinc-plated and powder-coated wrought iron fencing, meaning it’s well-equipped to battle the elements and stay strong, durable and stylish for man years to come.



What about steel, does it steal the show? Well, in terms of being low maintenance, the answer is probably yes. Steel often does not need staining or sealing, but it may need occasional painting to prevent rust. That said, steel is not a very malleable material, which can mean the designs are a tad limited when compared to wrought iron or wood. That’s not to say that it’s not a suitable solution, as there are many modern steel gates that look fantastic, but if you’re looking for a more decorative gate, wrought iron is a great shout.


What’s right for me?

We wish there was a simple answer, however, it really does depend on your needs. The best starting point is to think about what you want from your fencing. No two fences are the same – just look at the other houses on your street, and you’ll see what we mean. Start with a pen and paper and jot down the key reason why you want a gate. Whether it’s mainly privacy, security, style or character, you’ll at least have somewhere to start. We get it. Finding the perfect design is tricky but we can help you, especially when we know more about your vision. Please do drop us a line or give us a call on 0844 804 5577 for more information.

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