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Clifton Wrought Iron Style Metal Garden Railings

The Clifton Wrought Iron Style Railings are available in a selection of width and height combinations to suit most residential applications. They feature a steel construction and ornamental scrollwork. With a timeless overall appearance, they are the perfect addition to a boundary wall or any other location in the garden that would benefit from a clearly defined boundary.

Please allow approximately 4 - 5 weeks lead time for delivery of this product.

Handmade in the UK, the classically designed Clifton Wrought Iron Style Metal Garden Railings are an excellent way to fill the spaces between brick pillars or to add height to a boundary wall. Available in a choice of width and height combinations, they will boost aesthetic appeal, improve security, and ultimately add to the enjoyment of your home. The railings feature a solid steel construction, include decorative scrollwork, and come with surface-mounted fitting brackets as standard and are an ideal option for the DIY enthusiast looking for an easy-to-install product at an affordable price.

Clifton Metal Railing Specification

  • Suitable for many different residential locations.

  • Numerous width and height combinations are available (see menu for options).

  • 20mm x 8mm flat bar solid steel framework.

  • 10mm round metal infill bars.

  • 10mm x 3mm scrollwork.

  • Includes 4 x surface-mounted fitting brackets.

  • Black primed (undercoat) - requires additional painting to protect the steel against corrosion.


Available Size Options

You can choose from the following width and height combinations:

  • Fits Opening: 914mm, 1830mm & 2743mm

  • Height (once fitted): 457mm + top scrolls, 610mm + top scrolls, & 914mm + top scrolls



Ordering Information

  • Width: The "fits opening" measurement is the gap size needed between existing pillars or posts. The space necessary for the mounting brackets is already included in this measurement, so you do not need to make additional allowances for these components. Please refer to the examples below if you need metal posts.

  • Height: This measurement is the height of the railings once installed, with an allowance of 50mm for ground clearance). This dimension does not include the scrolls welded to the top horizontal rail.

View the metal railing measuring guide



Do You Require Metal Posts?

The easiest way to install metal railings is between brick pillars; however, if these are not present, the best solution is to use bolt-down metal. Please note that extra space will be needed when these items are required.

Ordering Example (when metal posts are required)

The below example is based on the "fits opening 1830mm" railing; however, the method of working out the combined space is the same for all three width options.

  • 1 x railing and 2 x 50mm posts will demand an overall space of 1930mm.

  • 2 x railings and 3 x 50mm posts will need a combined distance of 3810mm.

  • 3 x railings and 4 x 50mm posts require a total space of 5690mm.



Compatible Metal Posts

You can choose from the following universal bolt-down metal posts:

Suitable for 457mm High Railings

Suitable for 914mm High Railings



Looking for a Powder Coated Finish?

Please fill out our enquiry form if you want the details about our low-maintenance zinc-plated and black powder-coated paint options.



Confused About Ordering Metal Garden Railings Online?

If you're uncertain about the size to order, refer to the measuring guide for advice, or if you are unable to see the size you need, feel free to get a quote for a custom-made size by completing our enquiry form

Custom size railings are available - Click here for more information

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