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Buying a new gate for the garden should be a pretty straightforward exercise provided you follow a few basic principles when it comes to selecting the correct size and design.

Here we look at these basic principles in more detail.

Selecting the Design

Garden gates are available to buy online in literally hundreds of design combinations. With some having a starker appearance than others it is important to pick a design that is going o be in keeping with the home and gardens overall style.  This is because there is no point spending a fortune on a modern contemporary design only to install it into a period cottage garden as it simply would not look right.

As such here are some factors that should influence the design

The Material

Depending upon individual preferences, garden gates are available in wrought iron and timber. With each material having its own benefits and drawbacks it is important to make the right choice.

Wrought Iron & Metal – This versatile material is extremely popular for gate construction as it is extremely strong and robust yet is malleable enough to be worked into some interesting and sometimes ornate designs.  Capable of spanning larger openings using only a single leaf, wrought iron garden gates will last a lifetime if properly looked after.

Their major drawback however is that because there are gaps between the bars, the levels of privacy you can achieve is somewhat restricted.

Timber – Providing many unique characteristics, a wooden garden gate will provide a rustic charm that is simply not possible with wrought iron or metal. With the natural grains of the wood enhancing the overall design, a gate of this variety is suitable for virtually any residential setting.

The drawback to a wooden garden gate is that unless it is maintained on a regular basis, it will start to deteriorate in condition and ultimately lead to a replacement being required. Finally, as timber is not as strong as the above material, more often than not, they tend to only be available in smaller widths.

Available Sizes

An all too often overlooked factor when selecting a design is the widths they are available in. With certain styles such as arch top gates stopping in width at around 3ft 6” and single wooden gates stopping in width at around 4ft should you need to span a large opening you may have to dismiss certain option`s.

The Level of Security Required

Once you have established the material of choice and have dismissed any unavailable designs, you will then need to consider the required level of security you wish to create.  When doing this you should remember that more often than not a 3-4ft high gate will be sufficient at the front of the property whereas at the side and rear of the property it is more popular to choose a taller set of gates at around 6ft in height that prove more difficult to climb over.

Selecting the Size

Selecting the correct sized gates is simple regardless of the material you choose or the design selected. To find out more information on the correct way to do this, please refer to the following pages;

If having read this article you are still unsure of the most appropriate style of gate to suit your requirements, please feel free to contact us with your query and we will be pleased to offer any help or advice you may need.

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